I stand corrected, my cursor does blink :-)-O but I seem to be so used
to it that I didn't even notice :-)-O.

I copy and paste all my mail messages into an AlphaX window (I keep a
file on the Desktop to double click) because that one can format format
even indented text properly and then copy and paste it back into TBird.

TBird used to allow the firing up of an external editor, but no more
:-)-O. So I got used to this (workflow) as well.


 On 2022-02-19 15:17 , Stephan Witt via lyx-users wrote:
Am 19.02.2022 um 04:11 schrieb Tom Goldring via lyx-users

I don't know how to adjust the cursor blink rate in Apple Mail,
Thunderbird, Safari, etc.  (if anyone does, please tell me!)  but
since I'm not spending a lot of time typing text into a window when I
use a web browser, it isn't that much of an issue.  When composing
email, I usually type my text into an emacs buffer (which does allow
me to turn off the blink) and then paste it into the mail client.

That seems to be weary.

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