On Jul 11, 2008, at 3:16 PM, bigblop wrote:

If I compile the child separately the references from my .bib file does not
show (only appears as question marks).

But based on your answer it seems that my wish is not possible - you say
that I still have to manually skip to the main file to get the whole
document updated (or even a child to look correct).

Right. You must compile the main file, not the children, if you want the full document with proper cross references.

This is no different than LaTeX. There you still must compile the "main" file and not the children. In LaTeX the problem is even a bit worse because a "child" will not compile at all because all of the latex preamble stuff is missing. So LyX seems to be better than LaTeX in this regard, although not perfect since, as you point out, references are broken...

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