Ha! That was exactly what I needed! I just put:

\bind           "M-1" "master-buffer-update pdf2"

in my bind file and know the master is compiled from the child when I press
Alt-1. A perfect and simple solution. Thanks.

Jürgen Spitzmüller-2 wrote:
> bigblop wrote:
>> Is there someway to compile the main.lyx file from a child document?
> If you have opened the child document from the master document (or after
> you 
> have once processed the master), you can compile the master from the child 
> with the command "master-buffer-update pdf2" (for pdflatex, as an example; 
> there's also master-buffer-view and you can substitute pdf2 by any output 
> format). You can either input this command in the minibuffer, or you can 
> create your own toolbar or menu item or shortcuts for this. In fact, you
> can 
> even replace the standard commands "buffer-view" and "buffer-update" with 
> these, since if no master is found, the document itself gets compiled.
> In 1.6, things will get a bit easier. There you can allocate a master
> buffer 
> to a child in the document dialog, so the first step is not needed
> anymore.
> Jürgen

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