bigblop wrote:
> Is there someway to compile the main.lyx file from a child document?

If you have opened the child document from the master document (or after you 
have once processed the master), you can compile the master from the child 
with the command "master-buffer-update pdf2" (for pdflatex, as an example; 
there's also master-buffer-view and you can substitute pdf2 by any output 
format). You can either input this command in the minibuffer, or you can 
create your own toolbar or menu item or shortcuts for this. In fact, you can 
even replace the standard commands "buffer-view" and "buffer-update" with 
these, since if no master is found, the document itself gets compiled.

In 1.6, things will get a bit easier. There you can allocate a master buffer 
to a child in the document dialog, so the first step is not needed anymore.


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