On Monday 27 July 2009 10:16:11 Anton Driesse wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm just in the process of setting up my new computer with Windows XP.  I
> installed the latest MikTex and LyX, opened my first file which I created
> in version 1.6.0, scrolled down, and it crashed in exactly the way you
> describe.  Three eps figures were causing me problems, and it turns out
> that they had all been scaled to 50%.  All three were the same size at
> 1009x756 pixels, in landscape orientation.  Scaling to 49 or 51 % does not
> cause the crash.  I can email you one of the files if you like.

Thanks so much Anton!

Your succinct description got me a much closer knowledge.

On my tiny bug demonstrator document, I used Vim to change lyxscale 50 to 
lyxscale 51, after which the file became stable in LyX. Interestingly enough, 
when I set it back to 50, it was still stable. So there's some kind of cache 
involved. When I reboot (for power savings I shut down every night), I'll see 
whether the 50 reverts to being unstable.

At this point, for me, by far the easiest way to deal with this (I won't call 
it a solution) is to make sure no graphics are scaled 50% within the LyX 
environment. That's a whole lot simpler and less risky than tampering with my 
Qt4 version. Later, when I upgrade to Ubuntu K, qt4 will be upgraded for me.



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