I'm just in the process of setting up my new computer with Windows XP.  I
installed the latest MikTex and LyX, opened my first file which I created in
version 1.6.0, scrolled down, and it crashed in exactly the way you
describe.  Three eps figures were causing me problems, and it turns out that
they had all been scaled to 50%.  All three were the same size at 1009x756
pixels, in landscape orientation.  Scaling to 49 or 51 % does not cause the
crash.  I can email you one of the files if you like.

As an aside, every time I save the preferences, the maximized LyX window
shrinks to the previously unmaximized size, but the border remains
unsizable.  I have to click restore and then maximize to get back to using
the full screen.

While I have your attention, I am still at a loss why I can't get a response
from the lyx ftp server.  If any of you have any ideas to offer in response
to my query several days ago I would greatly appreciate it!



On Sat, Jul 25, 2009 at 10:30 PM, Steve Litt <sl...@troubleshooters.com>wrote:

> Hi all,
> In the last 6 months this list has featured at least 10 reports of LyX
> 1.6.x
> terminating unexpectedly. I myself had instances of this in 1.6.2 and
> 1.6.3,
> and was lucky enough to find a workaround in 1.6.3.
> Turns out, the lyx file causing the crash in my 1.6.3 featured a huge
> (bigger
> than 2mb) .eps file. When the file loaded, the picture on the screen said
> "loading bookcover.eps", and then a couple seconds later crashed. This was
> a
> reproducible error -- it happened every time in the same amount of time.
> Using Vim, I replaced bookcover.eps with bookcover.pdf, a much smaller
> file,
> and the problem disappeared.
> So here's my question for everyone reporting 1.6.x crashes: Did your files
> include graphics? Did they include large graphics? Were any of the large
> graphics .eps files? Was there anybody suffering a 1.6.x crash whose file
> have graphic files?
> If there's anyone currently able to reproduce this problem, would you be
> able
> to use a text editor to whittle the file down to a small reproducer, and
> then
> use the text editor to toggle the symptom by enabling and disapbling the
> big
> graphic?
> Thanks
> SteveT

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