Steve Litt wrote:
Hi all,

In the last 6 months this list has featured at least 10 reports of LyX 1.6.x terminating unexpectedly. I myself had instances of this in 1.6.2 and 1.6.3, and was lucky enough to find a workaround in 1.6.3.

Turns out, the lyx file causing the crash in my 1.6.3 featured a huge (bigger than 2mb) .eps file. When the file loaded, the picture on the screen said "loading bookcover.eps", and then a couple seconds later crashed. This was a reproducible error -- it happened every time in the same amount of time.

Using Vim, I replaced bookcover.eps with bookcover.pdf, a much smaller file, and the problem disappeared. So here's my question for everyone reporting 1.6.x crashes: Did your files include graphics? Did they include large graphics? Were any of the large graphics .eps files? Was there anybody suffering a 1.6.x crash whose file DID NOT have graphic files?

I'm not sure that *all* crashes on Ubuntu are related to Qt and graphics. I've had a couple of crashes lately working on a document whose only images are generated by xypic (so the images are external TeX files that are added to the doc by LyX input commands, with instant preview off). The most recent one, at least, occurred when I cursored out of a math inset and then immediately changed my mind and tried to reenter it via the left arrow key. (I might have deleted a character along the way; don't recall for sure.) I suppose that could still be a Qt issue, since Qt handles the LyX GUI itself.

Personally, I'm just going to live with it until the updated Qt version finds its way into some repository as a .deb package. Fortunately, I deal with short documents, so restart/reload is not too painful.


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