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On Wed, Aug 12, 2009 at 8:40 PM, Andre
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it always happens when you need the bloody thing ;-)

i urgently need to edit and render my CV with lyx. unfortunately lyx
gives the following error when starting:  symbol lookup error:
src/lyx: undefined symbol: _Z13qFlagLocationPKc

i tried re-installing lyx 1.6.2, re-installing Qt, i even build 1.6.3
from source,... but nothing helps :\  googling did not save my day, so
i'm asking here, because i'm stuck. please.... any suggestions? my
guess this is Qt related, but i have not a single clue how to fix that

running on ubuntu 9.04, with qt 4.5 (i think)
The LyX your are trying to start wants to use an older version of Qt
than the one that was used when LyX was compiled.

This may e.g. happen when you use a self-compiled recent version of Qt
to build LyX and on startup it picks up the older system version.
Setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH apropriately helps in those cases.


for your information, when i compile lyx (either 1.6.1/2/3), i get
this info when finished:

Is it possible that you have two versions of Qt installed, accidentally? Is it possible that the Qt libraries and Qt headers are not the same?

Are you sure that you managed to completely uninstall the old LyX? You might try compiling LyX and then NOT installing it, but rather running it "in place". So, after compilation finishes, type "src/lyx" to run it.



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