> So is it useful if I try to compile Lyx on my own on
> 10.6? Or would this end up in the same crashing behaviour?

I think it is useful, but I think you'll see the same crashing

>There are some changes/workarounds to do in the source
>code first, right?

The first thing you might try is to adapt the following code:


pid_t ForkedProcess::fork() {
#if !defined (HAVE_FORK)
        return -1;
        pid_t pid = ::fork();
        if (pid == 0)
                IAmAChild = true;
        return pid;

If you undefine HAVE_FORK (or just always return -1), you can see
whether (all) crashes disappear. If so, we have at least a workaround. 

Everything should still work, but you might be interrupted in your
typing when LyX saves the autosave file using the same thread.


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