On Tue, Sep 22, 2009 at 10:07 AM, Johannes Knaus <knausli...@freenet.de> wrote:
> Just my two cents:
> I would wait until the crashes are fixed. It is true that you don't loose
> any work as LyX keeps on running, but the crash warnings will also keep
> nagging you as they appear quite often.
> My own "experiments" on compiling LyX on 10.6 have failed, as I apparently
> have installed the wrong QT-version and cannot get rid of it (see my
> previous post on this). There seems to be a QT-from-Macports-Snow-Leopard
> incompatibility issue as well.
> So I'm also waiting for an "official" solution, hoping I will be rescued by
> the LyX-Mac developers.

I hope you're not holding your breath. We really don't have any LyX
developers on Mac, and we'd welcome anyone with expertise who could
help out here. (I'm able to package up the binaries, but that's far
from being a developer.)

*Perhaps* things will change when I transition to 10.6, but I have a
feeling that's going to be a while since my personal Macs are PPC (and
so cannot run 10.6), and the IT department at work (where I have an
Intel Mac) is conservative about upgrades.


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