2009/9/23 Johannes Knaus <knausli...@freenet.de>

> Am 23.09.2009 um 16:57 schrieb James C. Sutherland:
> [...]
> Would it be possible --as an intermediate workaround solution-- to make
> some code changes to autosave completely disable autosave and release this
> as a MacOSX-10.6-only Lyx-version?
I would consider moving to threads instead of fork(). This may additionally
be an performance improvement on Windows, where threading is known to be
faster than splitting process into two.

I understand that could be a lot of work - I do not have time now to look at
the lyx code for fork() occurences, but for now the task could be simplified
by writing some threading code used as close as possible to fork(). It may
need moving some stuff to separate functions, and call them from thread
instead of conditional execution on fork() result.

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