Am 23.09.2009 um 16:57 schrieb James C. Sutherland:
On Sep 23, 2009, at 8:50 AM, Stefano Baroni wrote:

Hi All. It seems that having a version of LyX working poperly on OS X 10.6 may require some time.

Do you confirm that the only feature not working properly is autosave?

That has been my observation.

So was mine.

Do you confirm that by disabling autosave LyX works all right on MAC OS X 10.6?

No. It seems that even by disabling autosave, LyX still attempts to perform autosaving and the "crash" still occurs. However, this is little more than an annoyance since the app doesn't actually crash and no work is lost.

IMHO it is a little more than annoyance, as the crash notification window always pops up having focus. That is, it is selected and in front of the text I'm writing on. So that's really a heavy interruption during writing.

If so, would you please remind us how to disable autosave?

LyX -> Preferences -> Look & Feel -> User Interface -> "Backup Documents every XXX Minutes"

As said, you can't really disable autosave. No matter which number you type here, LyX does automatic saving. I don't know if this is only a Mac specific issue or happens on all platforms. If so, what is the use of this preference?
What do others say?

Would it be possible --as an intermediate workaround solution-- to make some code changes to autosave completely disable autosave and release this as a MacOSX-10.6-only Lyx-version?


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