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If so, would you please remind us how to disable autosave?

LyX -> Preferences -> Look & Feel -> User Interface -> "Backup Documents every XXX Minutes"

As said, you can't really disable autosave. No matter which number you type here, LyX does automatic saving. I don't know if this is only a Mac specific issue or happens on all platforms. If so, what is the use of this preference?
What do others say?

The fix for this was committed to trunk and branch a few days ago, so autosave can be disabled in current 1.6.5svn. The problem was that a confusion between saving automatic backups and saving a backup for the original document had crept into the dialog somehow. So "disabling autosave" was actually disabling backups on saving.

Two suggestions to people on Snow Leopard, then. First, have people tried just setting the autosave time to 300? That's five hours between attempts and so "crashes". Not perfect, but better.

Second, if you want the real fix, download and compile current branch from:
I posted a longish message about how to do this a couple weeks back, and there's info on the wiki tool.

Third, perhaps it's worth a plea for some kind of emergency release on Mac OSX, as there was an emergency release ( on Windows. I'll float that idea on devel.


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