Dear all,

is there any special trick to using a .bib file encoded as UTF-8 with 
LyX/Latex? If there is, I would certainly appreciate knowing about it...

Here is my problem/use-case:

I use Jabref as my bib files editor. After inserting a reference which 
contained the character Ž (Latin capital Z with caron), Jabref suggested I 
switched the encoding to UTF-8 because the current one (8859-1, I suppose), 
did not contain the requested character. I accepted the kind offer. Alas, now 
all the references containing diacritic marks are screwed up in the Latex 
output. for instance  Schöpfungs- has become Schöpfungs- and so on.

Help or pointers to approriate documentation greatly appreciated. I am sure 
the day will come when I will master these  encoding issues. Unfortunately I 
do not seem to be there yet.



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