On 10/10/2009 01:19 PM, Stefano Franchi wrote:

I have installed it and it works fine from the command line after exporting
the lyx (UTF8-encoded) file to .tex. If I want to use it directly from Lyx, is
it sufficient to specify "biber" instead of "bibtex" in the preferences (i.e.
in Tools>>preferences>>File Formats>>BibTeX)? As far as I can tell from the
output in the console, lyx  seems to be calling biber. Is that all that's
needed? You seemed to imply in a previous message that some work on the
developers' side is required.

You should be fine. The work we need to do is relevant only to 1.7, I think. There, LyX will present you with choices for your bib processor, or allow you to specify it manually, as in 1.6. Right now, only bibtex and bibtex8 are listed. But if biber works well, then we can list it as a choice, too.


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