On 2011-10-04, Spyros Stathopoulos wrote:
> I've been trying to create a custom module but unfortunately is seems
> that fontspec is not handled by a module at all, instead it is placed
> into the preamble automatically when XeTeX mode is triggered. 

I believe the idea was to load mathdesign in a module. However, I did not
test whether it is possible to load it before fontenc to reset the
TeX font encoding to EU1 or U.

> In the end the only thing that did the job was modifying a local copy
> of the .cls, which is not too bad actually. However, given the
> peculiarity of fontspec with a lot of font-affecting packages there
> should be a way to override or customize this kind of behavior (along
> with passing options to \setXfont) without resorting to modifying
> classes and/or packages. Other than that I'm quite happy with the way
> LyX handles XeTeX.

Actually, the "use non-TeX fonts" option is a "use fontspec" option,
combining this with 8-bit font packages is always tricky. Supporting these
combinations in the GUI would make things too complicated.

I could rather imagine to add "polyglossia" to the selection in 
Document>Settings>Languages>Language package. This way, it would be possible
to have XeTeX + polyglossia also without selecting fontspec per GUI.


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