On 2011-10-08, PhilipPirrip wrote:
> On 10/07/2011 08:17 AM, Guenter Milde wrote:
>>   Custom LaTeX code before LyX-generated preamble:
>>    +-----------------------------------------------------------------+
>>    | \usepackage[put]{mathdesign}                                |
>>    |                                                             |
>>    +-----------------------------------------------------------------+

> May I object! ;)

Defeated. This was an *example* for a *custom* user written pe-preamble.

This specific example loads a package that is not auto-loaded by LyX, so
there is no danger of an option clash. It is put in the pre-preamble to
ensure it is loaded before the auto-loaded packages.

If the user wants to add options to a LyX-auto-loaded package, then this
could/should be done with \PassOptionsToPackage in the pre-preamble, but
without \usepackage command.

> Please always consider calling \usepackage in two parts, especially in
> LyX generated code: to allow for the possibility of adding more options
> to the packages called. (calling \usepackage with options twice isn't
> allowed)

Acutally, repeated \usepackages with a *different option set* is not
allowed. This is because the second \usepackage is ignored and hence the
different options are ignored too.

However, as the minimal example




shows, \PassOptionsToPackage after \usepackage is silently ignored. 
I.e. if LyX were to use it, this would not prevent the error but only the
error detection.


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