On 2011-12-06, Steve Litt wrote:
> Hi Alex,

> I found that my LyX comments don't get through to the finished HTML 
> file, and eLyXer's Options class appears to have no option for passing 
> through LyX comments.

> How difficult would it be to add code so there's an option to convert 
> LyX comments to <!-- HTML comments -->? Comments would be an excellent 
> way to pass through eBook-only data, without it showing up in a book 
> printed from the same LyX file.

IMO, LyX notes are just for LyX - they are also stripped from the LaTeX.

OTOH, Comments (Insert>Note>Comment) are put as comments in the LaTeX and
should be put in the HTML, too.

In the *.lyx file, comments look like:

\begin_inset Note Comment
status open

\begin_layout Plain Layout
a comment


> If it's too hard to do, or if there's not enough time to do it, I can 
> probably make a small program to scoop out the specific comment that 
> passes the eBook metadata, and give that information to the post-
> processor. The post-processor already adds pagefeeds to every <h1> 
> item in the HTML file and captures the Title, Author and Date but 
> doesn't print them.

As LyX now offers native HTML export,
is there an equivalent to Document>Settings>LaTeX preamble
for "raw" HTML code in the document header?


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