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> On 11 June 2013 14:15, Rainer M Krug <rai...@krugs.de> wrote:
> I wanted to survey the LyX and LaTeX community for some opinions on this,
> perhaps to get an idea as to the demand for some research into this area.
> The project would do some empirical comparisons of the workarounds and
> propose at most two or three solutions that work (integration with Pandoc,
> or converintg directly to a simpler and well-supported language).
> The emphasis would be on retaining as much semantic meaning as possible,
> across different levels of complexity, starting from the very basic. I am
> not aware of any similar academic or non-academic effort, but this could
> also be a long blog post.

HI Ray,

I am not sure about what you're asking, exactly? Perhaps a survey of the
different lyx-doc(x) use cases that current lyx users care most about? Or
rather a definition of the simplest yet still useful use case we can
imagine? If the former, I would suggest starting a page on our wiki,
perhaps as a possible GSoC 2014 project, as a repository of useful cases
people could refer to. If the latter...well I'd need further info because
I'm not really sure what you're aiming for.


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