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> On 06/10/2013 06:05 PM, Steve Litt wrote:
> This can already be done, more or less. That is, I can't imagine anything
> you'd want to do, as far as XHTML export goes, that isn't provided for in
> the layout files.
> Indeed, I am sufficiently confident about this that I'd be surprised if it
> were not possible to build the sort of simple HTML export you want simply
> by writing a new layout file


I just spent the last hour converting a short (2800 words)  lyx/pdf file
into Word. Could you tell me where I should look to fix the problems I
detail below?

Setup: Lyx + memoir + biblatex = Biber. Usually typeset to pdf with
lualatex. . File contained two images (in floats, reduced from the
originals by latex) Archlinux box with TL2012

I tried the elyxer routes (both regular and html(word)) and they failed
with too many errors to report here. I then exported to xhtml, imported
into abiword and exported to doc format. Opened it it libreoffice for final

Here are the problems I found. My guess is that part of these are LyX/XHMTL
issues and part are due to AbiWord.

1. Bibliography did not come over and was just ignored. I had to copy and
paste from the pdf output. Biblatex issue?

2. Footnote text came over but not as a footnote. It was just pasted in the
correct location but as a regular text.

3. Latex special character issues: "em-dash as triple hyphen" came over as
a triple hyphen and not as an em-dash. "tilde as non-breaking space" (I
routinely use that in references) came over as tilde.

4. Images were pasted more or less where the floats were inserted, at full
original size.

5. Captions followed the images as regular text.

6. Formatting of the "paragraph" environment was lost (I guess it's too
deeply nested to have a corresponding h level?)

Are these issues that a proper layout file would sort out?



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