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Here are the problems I found. My guess is that part of these are LyX/XHMTL issues and part are due to AbiWord.

1. Bibliography did not come over and was just ignored. I had to copy and paste from the pdf output. Biblatex issue?

Probably. If there's no BibTeX inset, then the bibliography will not be produced, and I guess you don't have that for BibLaTeX, except maybe in a note. So this is really an effect of the fact that we have no formal support for BibLaTeX.

2. Footnote text came over but not as a footnote. It was just pasted in the correct location but as a regular text.

Footnotes are just exported as div's, with class="footnote", so AbiWord or whatever will not recognize it as a footnote. There's not really any HTML equivalent of a footnote, so I'm not sure there is much to be done here.

3. Latex special character issues: "em-dash as triple hyphen" came over as a triple hyphen and not as an em-dash. "tilde as non-breaking space" (I routinely use that in references) came over as tilde.

The em-dash SHOULD be exported as such. There's code in Paragraph::simpleLyXHTMLOnePar() that is supposed to handle this. It works for me in a simple test document.

The tilde is a different story. Can you file a bug about that? We do some LaTeX --> HTML conversion here, handling things like \"u, so I just need to add handling of ~.

4. Images were pasted more or less where the floats were inserted, at full original size.

Another bug. I suppose we should scale them somehow? Please post a bug about this, too.

There's not really anything to do other than put the images where they are inserted. HTML has no concept of a "page", so the placement options make no sense.

5. Captions followed the images as regular text.

Similar to the footnote problem, I think. Probably we should switch to using the new <figure> tag and the associated <figcaption> tag. Can you also file a bug about that?

6. Formatting of the "paragraph" environment was lost (I guess it's too deeply nested to have a corresponding h level?)

I forgot to include a tag for those. I've just fixed that for the next release. See
for the commit.

Sorry to ask for so much bug-filing. With 2.1 on the horizon, I can't do very much right now, as Vincent has trunk pretty locked.


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