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It is a purely (American)English chapter for a Springer book (except some
of the references, which are in German or French).

This problem sounds familiar.
It could have to do with default settings (I am assuming that your default language for LyX documents is “ngerman”) or copying text from an other LyX document.
I also assume that your English only chapter is a file by itself.

What I suggest is to check the Document → Settings → Language → Language option to say “English (USA)”. Next select all the text in the file and open the Text Style dialogue (Edit → Text Style → Customized...) and use the Language option “Reset” (make sure all other options are set to “No change”) to “reset” the text language to the language set in the document settings. You have to do this also inside of every inset—resetting the language for all text does not work for the content of an inset, even if it is selected. If there are multiple levels of insets you have to reset the language on every level i.e. select all the inset content and reset the language then go to the next inset level and do it again. Please also keep in mind that LyX preserves language settings of copy-pasted text i.e. LyX does NOT apply the destination document language to pasted text if the source document is also a LyX document. One final note: I made those experiences on a Windows system and I prefer “vanilla” TeX Live every time - it causes less problems.


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