On 6 March 2014 23:51, Denis Navas Vega <denis.na...@gmail.com> wrote:

> That's a problem that I have suffered in the past with different programs,
> after windows actualizations.  This is a windows problem.

No idea what you meant by "windows actualizations", but indeed I have had
some problems as well with some setups.  I once had problem installing
VMware Workstation in an updated version in my Windows XP.  But the problem
was resolved in the next updated version.  But the key word here is *in the

That is to say I totally disagree with you!  Come on, we are already in
2014!  Windows 7 has been released more than 4 years ago.  Don't they have
enough time to fix problem in their setup during all this time?  Saying
that it's windows problem is purely a lame excuse.  If they are unable to
adapt, that simply mean they are not good enough.  QED.  Thinking about
evolution, if a species is unable to adapt to its environment, it's damned
to disappear soon.  I would bet this "natural selection law" also applies

And don't give me the lame excuse that because it's free, it has to have
problem.  There are myriads of free programs out there in the Internet,
most of them don't have problem.  Why did they manage to do so?

"Skillful people fix things immediately.  Unskillful people give excuse
immediately and blame the wrongs on others."

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