On 7 March 2014 05:10, aparsloe <apars...@clear.net.nz> wrote:

> I've never tried installing the LyX bundle. I've always installed MiKTeX
> first and then LyX -- and without problems. Recently I installed the 64-bit
> version of MiKTeX 2.9 on a new(ish) 64-bit Windows 7 computer without
> problems,

OK, with all fairness, I have just tried the 64bit installer many times and
at one time it passed!  So your *good* experience is a fluke, you lucky guy

In another instance, ie in another Win7 64bit, I tried to define its
compatibility to Vista and it worked.  That means the setup has not been
modified since prehistory (I mean 2006, more than 8 years ago)??

> but discovered that biber was missing from that distro -- evidently the
> 64-bit distro is still "experimental" -- so I went back to the 32-bit
> MiKTeX 2.9 (the Basic distribution of 160 MB or so, and then added the
> packages detailed under LaTeX Configuration in LyX's Help menu).  It too
> installed without problems.
> As for MiKTeX being a " big piece of $h!t", I haven't had problems with it
> (and it certainly doesn't give me the kind of conflict between package
> managers mentioned in a recent thread on this list that users of TeXLive on
> Ubuntu systems face).
> Andrew

All this would lead to the only valid conclusion: MiKTeX and its setup are
too *unstable*.  I would certainly avoid using it if there's alternative
LaTeX distribution.

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