Am 06.03.2014 21:39, schrieb STF:

The error I got are shown in the attached image:

So there is either a packaing error in MiKTeX or a problem wit your Internet 

Can you therefore please try this:
1. uninstall LyX _completely_
2. uninstall MiKTeX _completely_
3. check the registry that there are no traces of MiKTeX (and maybe LyX) and 
delte the traces
4. download the 32bit version of MikTeX from here:
and install MiKTeX while you are logged in on Windows with Admin privileges
5. install LyX using this installer:

Does this work? if not what error do you get?


I see that is completely dead and that might be the reason why the installation of MiKTeX fails. (Note that the 64bit version of MiKteX is supported by LyX but you will have restriction for citations (BibTeX) and thee is no large speed improvement between the 32bit and 64bit version.)

regards Uwe

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