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> On 7 March 2014 05:10, aparsloe <apars...@clear.net.nz> wrote:
>> I've never tried installing the LyX bundle. I've always installed MiKTeX
>> first and then LyX -- and without problems. Recently I installed the 64-bit
>> version of MiKTeX 2.9 on a new(ish) 64-bit Windows 7 computer without
>> problems, [...deleted]
> Oh, for information: I have just tried basic-miktex-2.9.5105-x64.exe in XP
> Pro 64-bit.  Guess what.  It crashed on first trial.  LOL

I have never used TeX on Windows, but have you tried the TeXLive
disribution (the standard on Linux and Mac, in its MacTeX version)? It
is available for Windows too (just look on Ctan).
Perhaps it'll solve some of your problems.



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