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Am Montag, 9. Juni 2014 um 08:07:16, schrieb Alex Vergara Gil <a...@cphr.edu.cu>
> Dear Lyxers!
> Studying a little of python and LyX I have reached to this feature that makes 
> LyX show and process python graphics. Thanks to Rainer M Krug for the hints. 
> I share this contribution for LyX under LGPL license, so everyone benefits 
> from it. Good luck and happy lyxing!
> Alex Vergara Gil
> MSc Nuclear Physics
> SSDL, CPHR, Havana Cuba
> PS: If Rainer agree, pass him from acknowledgements to author list, please.

   # python example.pygr x.eps
  I saw, I had to install matplotlib and pandas. Thats OK, this example shows 
now in lyx too.
  Fortunately it was included in debian package manager.
Indeed, to obtain python graphics matplotlib is required, pandas is a robust 
library to handle with complex data. Both are in any package manager. The fact 
that this displays in lyx too is a very nice extra. My first intention was to 
have a module that insert python code and executes it, but this way is far 
simpler and reaches the same objective.
  But the try
   # python example2.pygr x.eps
  leads to
   ImportError: No module named seaborn
  After installing also python-pip and using
   # sudo pip install seaborn
  I got the expected output.
  This should be documented somewhere I think.
  Nice work.
In this case my intention was to show that any other python library can be used 
as well, and it is expected a little knowledge of python from the user, since 
it is the user itself who will build its own graphic script. But your hint is 
valid, it should be documented how to obtain extra python packages too.


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