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2014 2:19 PM

  Thanks, Alex, for the new lyx file. I now realized, that I had to load the 
matplotlib and pandas packages, which I did. I followed your advices 
  Define a new file format in tools>preferences, name it Python graphics, 
extension pygr and vector image format ticked
  Define a new converter from the format Python graphics to the format EPS as 
  After reconfigure (necessary?) and making sure the two example graphics (in 
pygr format) are found in the path I get this error
No, reconfigure is not necessary
  LaTeX Warning: File `0_home_we_Lyx_PhytonGraphics_example.eps' not found on 
input line 83.
  Why is it expecting an eps file instead of taking the pygr files?
indeed a eps file is expected
  What am I missing?
Did you can see the graphic within LyX? Did LyX display it correctly in your 
system? if not the case check that the example script is located at the same 
path than the lyx file, another way is to click in the inserted graphic and 
look for the example.pygr path

Another possible explanation is that your system doesn't handle with eps, in 
this case you should change the definition and instead of eps, put pdf or png 
as final format, whichever work for you, you can check that because it will 
display the graphic within LyX even before you export anything!


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