Greetings again, folks.  So my primary reason for getting back into the M100 is 
to sharpen my skills in 8085 assembly programming.  I have ROM2/Cleuseau, both 
as a standalone option ROM and by way of REX, and while this is a satisfying 
way to play around an learn, I have a long-term aspiration of creating some 
software for the M100 that would be implemented by way of option ROM, and I 
don't believe that I can do this entirely within the M100.
So I'm curious about what cross-assemblers people would use today for 
developing such software on the M100.  Is there a standard "go-to" package that 
is used by the Model T community?  I noticed GNUSim8085, which seems 
intriguing, but I haven't looked at it too closely.

Any pointers would be appreciated.

All the best,

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