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    So I'm curious about what cross-assemblers people would use today
    for developing such software on the M100.  Is there a standard
    "go-to" package that is used by the Model T community?  I noticed
    GNUSim8085, which seems intriguing, but I haven't looked at it too

VirtualT. There's a rudimentary debugger built in, not source level but that's less important for assembly code since it does show the instructions.

As to assembler, asxxxx (as8085) is freely available.

VirtualT also has a built-in assembler. I use it exclusively for writing 8085 assembly for the Model T. It is what I used to write AsciiPixels, TDock and several other assembly packages that I have yet to complete or release (but that have A LOT of code written).

In my Personal Libraries section at Club100, there is a simple example project for the VirtualT Assembler / IDE under "VirtualT IDE".


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