Apple is pretty strict when it comes to emulators.  Applications can't run
code that comes from other sources, bypassing the app store.

It would be possible to port it and release it as source-code that you
would need to compile and side-load on your own though.  You can get a free
developer account that allows you to sign code to run on your own devices.

On Wed, Feb 21, 2018 at 6:51 PM, megarat <> wrote:

> Speaking of VirtualT, is there any chance that it will be ported to a
> mobile platform anytime in the future?  Using VirtualT on my iPad with a BT
> keyboard sounds like a dream come true.  I'd pay $20 for that without
> blinking.
> I imagine that if VirtualT uses any proprietary ROMs, copyright issues
> might get in the way of a wider distribution, but I'm not sure what's going
> on under the hood.

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