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> So I'm curious about what cross-assemblers people would use today for
> developing such software on the M100.  Is there a standard "go-to" package
> that is used by the Model T community?  I noticed GNUSim8085, which seems
> intriguing, but I haven't looked at it too closely.
VirtualT. There's a rudimentary debugger built in, not source level but
that's less important for assembly code since it does show the instructions.

As to assembler, asxxxx (as8085) is freely available.

I used Telemark Assembler for HTERM but it is no longer available
apparently. It has doesn't have any weird syntax or unused features /
complexity to work around.

And you'll need rom entry / address definitions. I hacked mine as I went
but Willard Goosey supports a more complete out of the box def.

-- John.

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