Brian Futrell wrote:

Has anyone had this particular problem when playing games on a PC Compatibility Card?

If playing a game that requires the use of the keyboard to move around, occasionally it seems to get stuck moving left or right. On my P166 card, it seems to be fairly frequent. The only way to get it back to normal is to press Escape to the game's menu and wait a little bit, and sometimes that doesn't work.

I had similar problem on the p100 card which I put down to running the full extension set on the mac. Sorry I can't test it for you ATM. I used to use a different extension set for the dos card.

I've been looking through my colleciton of games to try to finish ones that I never completed. I'm currently playing Tomb Raider I in Virtual PC 3 on a 9600/300 with 80MB set aside for the program and a Voodoo2 card. It plays very smoothly, but there is at least a 1-second delay between the action and the resulting sound. I'll be placing the DOS card in this one when I get the chance.

I wouldn't have thought TR1 would play well under VPC, thanks for the tip. The playstation version works well through VGS, I have to say that as VGS likes the Radeon 7000 where the dos card doesn't.

On a gaming note, am I the only person who has a very dark screen when running. OpenGL games on a mac? We have tried other monitors and verious extensions with little real improvement, the gamma option in some games helps a bit. Its rather annoying to have a nice bright screen under emulation to then try the mac version and have most games to dark to play.

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