Brian Futrell wrote:

If memory serves me correctly (I may be wrong), I thought
that if you had a 3D accelerated video card that the Voodoo
1/2 card would not work.

Not quite, we replaced the Voodoo3 with a ATI Radeon 7000 which has gone well except the PcSetup extentions conflict with ATI's. I haven't found a way around this problem and I haven't tried earlier versions of PcSetup. The ati card works well for everything else so the dos card and Voodoo3 will go into something else.

When the Vodoo3 was installed the dos card used it for its output. I figured the same would work with the ATI.
Once stupid changed the cables around to run from the onboard output we now have PCSetup working again. :)

On another note, I found a few handy-dandy program over the
last few days.

#1 - dgVoodoo: that translates 3Dfx's Glide called to
DirectX. It works rather well, but takes a little tweaking
for it to work correctly. Allows you to play DOS and
Windows games that used only Glide 3D acceleration with
more recent cards. Also emulates parts of a Voodoo 1/2

Nice one, I think I have a copy of Red Baron 3D around somewhere.

#2 - VDMsound: Allows the sound from DOS games to be heard
from a DOS window under Win2K and XP.

Linked through the Dosbox page. ;)

#3 - Tomb Raider 1 Advanced Installer - allows Tomb Raider
1 (DOS program) to be installed and 3D acceleration enabled
using dgVoodoo under Windows 2000/XP.

Between these three programs, I was playing TR1 on my
Semperon 2200 machine with an ATI Radeon 9200SE for the
last few days and finally finished it.  Woohoo!

I'm now working on playing Tomb Raider 2 and a game from
Psygnosis called Shipwreckers. Shipwreckers was one of
those Glide-only games, but it works great with gdVoodoo.
It played under VPC on the 9600 and the Voodoo 2 card, but
was quite slow.

I came across this site which led me to dosbox and VDMsound there may be something useful there. Duke Nukem 3d works fine under XP with a hi-res patch, the link I have for the patch is dead.
I have a pci version of the Radeon 9200SE, almost tried to flash it to Mac.

Sorry but I've had no luck finding the drivers I mentioned earlier, currently rebuilding my bookmarks - I forgot they where kept on the swap partition with the cache's. Opps, I remembered after the format. :(


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