Brian Futrell wrote:

I'll give that a try when I get home. The main reason I'm
trying this with VPC/Dos cards is that even though I have
several PCs, the majority of them are too fast for some of
the games. TR1 on a Semperon 2200 when it ran OK on a P75?

Have you had a look at DosBox
Not exactly windows but I dont know how many games you have. ;)
There are a few new emulators getting about for the pc the one above also has a OSX port.

just does not look all that great. I think I'm at least
2/3 of the way through the game - I have two parts of the
Scion thingie :).

:) I have some time off, sometime ago I came accross some video drivers for emulation I cant remember if they where for vpc or the dos card, they would have been voodoo drivers, regardless I have time to install the card into another mac along with the voodoo3 and test a couple of things.

It even plays well when not using the Voodoo 2 card - it

On a gaming note, am I the only person who has a very
dark screen when running. OpenGL games on a mac? We have
tried other monitors and various extensions with little
real improvement, the gamma option in some games helps a
bit. Its rather annoying to have a nice bright screen
under emulation to then try the mac version and have most
games to dark to play.

I'll have to look through my Mac CDs for some games to try
that with. I have some, but precious few use OpenGL.

Quake2 and Diablo 2 have the same problem, both are very playable if you could see more, niether are very bright games which doesnt help there are a few more - thanks, I wonder if the dos cards video cable ..... something to try.

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