On 8/4/2017 6:51 PM, mugginsac wrote:
> So I have to figure out how to build a RT kernel for the DE10-nano. So I 
> guess 
> the first step is to figure out what the differences are between the kernel 
> for 
> DE0-Nano-SOC and the kernel for DE10-Nano. Also what do I need to download to 
> my 
> machine to start the process.

Unlike x86, there are no "strange" filesystem requirements for ARM
booting (that's all handled by U-Boot), so you can just rsync any
appropriate root filesystem onto your uSD (or eMMC, or whatever).

If you don't specifically need to recompile U-Boot or the kernel, you
can simply use these as-is from any example image for the DE10 and
just replace the rootfs.  This may be helpful to get started, even if
the kernel isn't patched with PREEMPT_RT (you can update the kernel
later once you have a working system).

If you want to build from source, there are lots of differing
instructions which makes things confusing.  There are Angstrom bitbake
recipes, Altera custom Makefiles, and various other instructions
floating around.  I usually build a kernel following the "Building
Kernel & U-Boot Separately From Git Trees", which is page 4 of the
"Compiling Linux" documentation for the GSRD.  One example (make sure
to click over to #4):


Charles Steinkuehler

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