At 16:17 -0400 08/06/2011, Sherm Pendley wrote:

No. I'm saying that there are *many* ways to influence @INC without
bothering any files under /usr.

PERL5LIB, for one.

I'm sure that's very clear to everyone who already knows what you are talking about. Are you saying that by editing ~/.bashrc or some such file one could remove this environment variable that has been added by some fink or port or other animal? If that's what you mean, why not say so. I thought people asked questions on this list in order to get useful answers rather than merely to be informed that someone has the answer but hasn't the time to give it.

 PS.  I don't need two copies of every posting to the list.

Complain to the list admins. They're the ones who broke "reply all," not me.

You alone are responsible for who you send emails to. Are you getting a duplicate of this?


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