On Wed, Jun 8, 2011 at 5:20 PM, John Delacour <j...@bd8.com> wrote:
> At 16:17 -0400 08/06/2011, Sherm Pendley wrote:
>> PERL5LIB, for one.
> I'm sure that's very clear to everyone who already knows what you are
> talking about.  Are you saying that by editing ~/.bashrc or some such file
> one could remove this environment variable that has been added by some fink
> or port or other animal?  If that's what you mean, why not say so.

Because there's nothing at all Mac-specific about it, and it's
well-covered in the Perl man pages and many many tutorials, as well as
having been discussed right here already, *many* times. If you can't
be bothered to do even the most basic research, that's neither my
fault nor my problem. I gave you the clue you needed, now go to Google
and use it.

>> Complain to the list admins. They're the ones who broke "reply all," not
>> me.
> You alone are responsible for who you send emails to.

Blaming other people for your ignorance is a habit with you, isn't it?
Yes, I'm responsible for who *I* send emails to. I'm not responsible
for who the list sends emails to. A correctly-configured list will
look at the To: and CC: headers of any mail it receives, and won't
send an additional copy to anyone who's already received one.


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