> On Sep 21, 2016, at 7:15 PM, Scott A. McIntyre <mailm...@howyagoin.net> wrote:
> I have been meaning to mention this one for a while.  I have this happen all 
> the time.
> The easiest way to replicate it is for me to click on a mailto: URL 
> somewhere.  MailMate will then generate a new message which is often, but not 
> always, from the first account listed in my list of accounts.  If I change 
> the "From" address, it does NOT change the account through which it is sent.  
> I am typically reminded of this when I get an error from Apple about how I'm 
> not permitted to send from some other domain via my iCloud account and it 
> rejects the message.
> So there does seem to be some sort of a disconnect between what the From 
> address is exiting MailMate and the actual account used for SMTP.
> It may well be this is somehow linked to what you've seen here.

Bingo! That's exactly it. I did click on a mailto to generate that message, and 
the account that it sent from is the first in my list (at least according to 
the Activity Monitor).

The dangerous thing is that Google SMTP doesn't reject the message for being 
from an unknown account--it changes the headers.
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