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> Dnia  7.10.2019 o godz. 14:18:52 Mathieu Bourdin via mailop pisze:
>> Weel, basically your issue can be summarized in one word: reputation.
>> Welcome to email deliverability 101 ;)
> And in what way this helps anything?
> Do you want to say "you should just accept that Google got crazy some day
> and suddenly started treating your server as suspicious without any
> particular reason"?
> Then no, I don't accept that.

"Their network; their rules".

A quick look at Talos Intelligence reports a 1600% increase in email from your 
domain over the last day; email reputation os 'neutral' at this time. Not good, 
not bad, but neutral.

Also you're on OVH, about which a quick look through the list's archives will 
possibly prove instructive. It's reasonably likely (as likely as not) that 
you're running on an IP in a neighbourhood with some poor neighbours.

As Mathieu pointed out in his second email, building a good reputation takes 
time. Losing a good reputation is a matter of rather less time and can be 
influenced by factors outside of your control.

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