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> You do realize, some of us have been through lawsuits before because
> people like you thought that your supposed 'right' to send e-mail
> trumped our rights to the equipment/bandwidth/resources we own?

Well, we all have right to protect ourselves from actual spammer.
But not from "someone who I think might look like a spammer".

It's similar to self-defense when someone is attacking you on the street. If
someone is actually attacking you, you have all the right to defend
yourself. But not if you just see someone who looks suspicious to you and
you think "he may attack me, so I attack him first".

I'm not talking here about blocking actual spams.
I'm talking about blocking messages who are *not* spam, because the
receiving end "thinks" for some reason that the *might* be spam.

Of course, this can always happen.
But there *should* be always a way for the *sender* to complain to the admin
on recipient side, and, if the messages are actually mis-classified and the
sender actually isn't a spammer, the admin of the receiving server *should*
correct the configuration.

"Should" in RFC sense :) - which means it is no obligation, but it this the
best practice that should ;) be followed.

And Google doesn't follow it. That's the actual problem. There's no way to
complain to them about the issue.
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