Dnia  7.10.2019 o godz. 08:13:37 Brian Kantor via mailop pisze:
> One of my domains, 'ampr.org', which has been in existence longer
> than Google has, has the same problem, in that mail from it is often
> diverted into the recipient's spam folder.

Of course I know what ampr.org is, and if *this* domain is facing that
issue, then I feel speechless and very, very mad at Google.

Of course, nobody can succeed individually in a lawsuit against Google. But
maybe *all* senders who are facing this issue should unite and sue Google
together. Even if the lawsuit itself fails, it would probably get big media
coverage (especially if it will be presented as "discrimination" of small
senders by a big company, etc.), and that media coverage itself could cause
Google to rethink their policy...
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