Hello All,
this is my first post to this list - I just learned about its existence and
someone told me that maybe it is possible to solve my issue here.

I run my own personal mailserver at rafa.eu.org for quite a few years. All
the time I had absolutely no problems with sending messages to Gmail. Few
weeks ago I learned that Gmail suddenly started marking e-mails that I send
to Gmail users as spam. As users usually never look into their spam folders,
they don't receive my mail.

It happens mostly to recipients to whom I write for the first time (for
example, found their e-mail address at their website and want to ask for
something I'm interested in). People with whom I already corresponded
earlier receive my messages as usual (ie. they aren't marked as spam),
except for the case when I didn't write to this person for some time. For
example, I wrote to someone two or three times half a year ago, and din't
have any further messages exchange since then. If I write to him again now,
the message can fall to spam.

To test the issue I created a fresh account on Gmail and send a few messages
to it - they ended up right in the spam folder. I repeated this for three
different accounts and noticed that clicking "This is not spam" is not of
much help - ie. it helps for that particular account, but doesn't influence
the overall behaviour that my messages are going to spam on other accounts
(unless I click "This is not spam" on those accounts too).

The spam banner on the received message on Gmail account says that this
message is "similar to ones already caught as spam", which is an absurd
explanation because each one of the messages I sent was different. I didn't
send a generic "test 123" or something similar, but tried to write an actual
email message that makes some sense, different in each case. Also they are
simple plain text messages without any HTML, links or attachments.

Of course DNS is configured correctly, ie. rafa.eu.org resolves to IP
address, and this IP address resolves back to rafa.eu.org.
I'm also not blacklisted. Obviously, I have never sent any spam-like message
myself nor my server wasn't relaying any.

I asked on different forums and tried to follow the advices I got.
Previously I didn't have SPF nor DKIM (as I wrote, for long time it was
absolutely no obstacle in getting my messages received by Gmail users), so I
configured them, I also published a DMARC record. DMARC reports I get from
Google indicate everything as passed, the same says Gmail in details of the
messages I sent to test accounts. I defined a MX record for my domain,
which I didn't have previously, because rafa.eu.org has an A record, so it
looked stupid (and superfluous) to me to define MX for rafa.eu.org that
points simply to rafa.eu.org :), and everything works perfectly with A
record only. But someone told me that Google may be suspicious about
domains that don't have a MX record, so I defined it. I registered my
domain and IP address at dnswl.org. I also registered for Google Postmaster
Tools, but it won't show me any information since I send too few messages to
Gmail users (the description says that I need at least a few hundred
messages sent daily, which I'll probably never achieve :)).

All this to no avail - my messages still go to spam (I just checked again on
the third of the test Gmail accounts). I only learned - by reading forums -
that more and more people start getting the same problem. What else can I do?

It would be best to get an actual advice from someone at Google who will
look into logs/config and check what actually happens. However, there seems
to be no way to contact them - no contact form or something like that is
published on the Gmail help pages.

Any help? I'm fighting with this for several weeks now, without any
   Jaroslaw Rafa
"In a million years, when kids go to school, they're gonna know: once there
was a Hushpuppy, and she lived with her daddy in the Bathtub."

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