Hi Sidorela,

Le 14/01/2019 à 20:19, Sidorela Uku a écrit :
> Hi Sophie, Mike
> Thank you for your comments and feedback. It's really important to get
> feedback from the community to improve the site even further.
> The site is not finished yet, there are still things to improve from the
> texts and design. Considering your comments, the following changes were
> made:
> From: "What's your area of expertise?"  TO "What area interests you?"

Great, thanks :)
>> On a general remark, I would remove the line above the item, for
>> example when clicking on 'Tell me more', this line 'So you like
>> helping and mentoring other people? You could join' is displayed, and
>> for me it's not needed. It's not present under the Marketing part and
>> I find it clearer.
> @Sophie you mean to remove totally the line  'So you like helping and
> mentoring other people? You could join' or replace it with something else?

I mean to remove it totally
>> Under Documentation, the same line shows 'So you like sharing what you
>> know? You could teach' for Books and Help Content item, again I don't
>> find it necessary or if you want to keep it, change it to 'You could
>> write'. And for Documentation I would add 'Video Tutorials' and 'Write
>> Tutorials'.
> Added as a note for the updates we are going to do, to add 'Video
> Tutorials' and 'Write Tutorials' under Documentation.

>> On Infrastructure, I would replace 'Learn' by 'Participate' or
>> something more inclusive than just learning which gives an impression
>> of lurking
> This is done.
>> On Translation and Localization, I would do a translation part which
>> concerns documentation, websites, marketing materials, and a
>> localization part which concerns LibreOffice products or infrastructure.
>> On Advocacy, there is a typo in 'Give presantations' vs 'Give
>> presentations'. Edited.
> For the links not working, please check below:
> Sitemap:
> https://git.collective68.tech/Collective68/WhatCanIDoForLibreOffice/wikis/Sitemap-structure
> Translations:
> https://git.collective68.tech/Collective68/WhatCanIDoForLibreOffice/wikis/translations
Ok, I've been able to see the content now,

>> I have a last question, is the site accessible? I've tried to navigate
>> through the page, but I'm only able to change the language, not to
>> navigate through the buttons.
> Yes the site is accessible. In the above link for the sitemap, you can
> move through the buttons on the tree, and the last step is a link from
> an outside resource. Javascript needs to be enabled on the browser also.

> On the next steps, some changes to do:
> - we need to add 'cookie policy' and maybe also 'privacy policy'
> - manage translations. From the link I shared we can translate by
> editing the code files. We will have a look maybe to use a translation
> platform, to make it easier for community to get involved.

I can distribute the code file to the l10n community, it's not long and
easier than setting a project under Pootle. And collect the translated
file when it's done.

> - Improve design and graphics. Replace LO logo and favicon.
> Those are some notes weworked with these days.
> In terms of next steps, would be nice if we worked back and forth on
> this for the next weeks untill January and transfer the code to an
> official TDF or LibreOffice owned git repo with the ultimate goal of
> going live in February.
> What do you think?

Thanks a lot for your work :)
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