Hi Justin, all,

Justin Luth wrote on 1/30/19 6:21 AM:
> Someone on ask.libreoffice.org wrote:
> “Lately, in LibreOffice I get a nag window on top asking me to
> get involved. Are you trying to become obnoxious windows-like software?
> How do I get rid of that thing?” This succinct post is very revealing,
> and perfectly mirrors my own initial and ongoing impressions.

I do well understand that topic and your point. For me it's a sort of
little annoyance that I do pay too much attention too.
In my understanding, the bar is a step in our experimental work to get
proper attention and support for the future of the project. And surely
not putting people off, is part of that too :)

Isn't it that the user closes it with a single click?
I assume there is an setting to disable the bar at installation time?
Maybe it can be worked into a nice feature for organizations, that they
display there own message with a link to e.g. a corporate help/support
spot for the users. But ;)

I think it is interesting to get more out of the data that Mike wrote
about. With many hundreds of clicks a day, one hopes it shows up in
donations and people becoming active.
Shouldn't we try to find out how the bar is appreciated, or not, by

So, I do not really like it. But am not strongly against. And would be
interested to learn if it really does something (positive) and/or needs
to be in some other form.


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