I share what Justin has rightly stated: most users will *not* participate *any* software in any way. They are being using software because they want their job done. Point.

Le 30/01/2019 à 10:16, Mike Saunders a écrit :

Thanks for raising this. I just want to offer my perspective:

I closely monitor the social media channels for LibreOffice and TDF
(Twitter with 23,000 followers, Facebook with 54,000 page likes, Google+
with 16,000 followers), along with Reddit and other sites.

I'm managing ca. 1000 civil servant users which I encourage to install at home the very software they're using at work (namely LibreOffice). Most of them ignore what a social media is (well, they have heard about it in the news, usually for bad). So, as thorough it might be, your social media monitoring is biased: (libre software) social media are not for John Doe, but for geeks only. And, you're right, some geeks might help.

I've read many hundreds of feedback messages across those channels since
the release of LibreOffice 6.1, and haven't seen a *single* complaint
(or even mention) relating to the "Get involved" infobar. (Of course,
there's a chance I've missed something, especially over the Christmas
break, but I hope you see my point!)

John Doe won't complain. He'll mumble and won't understand why this $&§@ message is bothering him (Justin original message is clear about this).

Now, that's not to deny that some people may find it a bit naggy. But I
just want to add those data points -- that it doesn't seem to be
bothering the vast majority of users.

Not "some people". Most ot the ones I'm dealing with on a daily basis and who -- again -- will *never ever* go complaining anywhere.

Again, your view is biased. As stated : FOSS is targetting at geeks, not at the general public.

So a (not so) side question might be: who's the LibreOffice /typical/ user you're refferring to? Who are the ones you want to attract or retain?

Another data point: the infobar in the app brings around 800-900 users
every day to the "Get involved" page on our website. Of course, we
cannot easily measure how many of those visitors become active
contributors in the project, but it's a good start IMO.

It is highly probable that these people are geeks.

And now my personal view: I think we are absolutely right to keep it.
Even if a few people find it naggy (and again, given that I've seen no
mention of it on social media, I don't think it's many), I think it's
extremely important that we remind people: this software doesn't just
happen by magic. It's the hard work of a community and ecosystem
members. If you want it to keep improving, contribute back.

Sending this message is right. But... John Doe is *not* the target and might react as Justin stated.

Jean-Francois Nifenecker, Bordeaux

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