LT Don wrote:

The '77 240D held a steady 85 mph coming back from OkieQ and saw 90 mph --
but it took a while to get there. ... I find that my greatest driving hazard
here in rural Iowa is being too slow pulling away from a stop sign at a four
way stop. Other drivers are used to timing their own acceleration based on
how quickly a gasser (especially a V8 pickup) pulls away. With the 240D,
I've come close to being t-boned a time or two because I just wasn't quick
enough accelerating.

Might be time for that S-Class.
Oh, I think so, Don. Compared to a 240, an SD feels like a small-block 8 off the line. A few grains of sand or bit of dew on the pavement and you get wheelspin, and a bit more when it hits 2nd. Hold it in second and you can actually power drift tight corners with nicely controllable throttle-induced oversteer. And I'll bet high-speed mileage is no worse, perhaps better. Plus, at 85, you've still got 17 more to go for top speed, and still feels quite willing. Shudda bought my 300SD for $2,500 before I decided I couldn't live without it and kept it! :-)

Dan Weeks
82 VW Westfalia 1.6 TD conversion 186k
82 Mercedes 300SD, 275k

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