"With the 240D,
I've come close to being t-boned a time or two because I just wasn't quick
enough accelerating."

I say the rat bastards with there rock climbers will just have to weight and slow down. As slow as your (and my) 240D is it is still much faster than walking or taking the horse and buggy. People should be thankful of that fact. I thought the rural folk in Iowa would not be so yuppified as to realize that? I do pull over into the breakdown lane and let people pass when entering a highway on ramp though just as an act of kindness. Other than that they can wait the 2 to 5 extra seconds. It does not hurt that much compared to the real problems in the world, ....like not having food.

Regards Tom Scordato
Bellefonte PA
77 300D slow
79 240D slower

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Subject: [MBZ] 240 vs SD Go

LT Don wrote:

The '77 240D held a steady 85 mph coming back from OkieQ and saw 90 mph --
but it took a while to get there. ... I find that my greatest driving hazard here in rural Iowa is being too slow pulling away from a stop sign at a four
way stop. Other drivers are used to timing their own acceleration based on
how quickly a gasser (especially a V8 pickup) pulls away. With the 240D,
I've come close to being t-boned a time or two because I just wasn't quick
enough accelerating.

Might be time for that S-Class.
Oh, I think so, Don. Compared to a 240, an SD feels like a
small-block 8 off the line. A few grains of sand or bit of dew on the
pavement and you get wheelspin, and a bit more when it hits 2nd. Hold
it in second and you can actually power drift tight corners with
nicely controllable throttle-induced oversteer. And I'll bet
high-speed mileage is no worse, perhaps better. Plus, at 85, you've
still got 17 more to go for top speed, and still feels quite willing.
Shudda bought my 300SD for $2,500 before I decided I couldn't live
without it and kept it! :-)

Dan Weeks
82 VW Westfalia 1.6 TD conversion 186k
82 Mercedes 300SD, 275k

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