My old Volvo 240 had rear fog lights.  Mike
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While I can't say they're necessarily doing anything wrong, it sucks to get thrown into a white-out situation when there's fresh powder on the road and a semi passes you. If two pass, you're in real trouble. You pretty much are

One trip home from college (many years ago) we were considering turning
back because it was so bad.  Then I saw a semi turn off a mile up ahead.
Once we'd passed that point, the night was crystal-clear and beautiful.
It was amazing how bad just _one_ truck could make visibility when
the conditions were wrong.  We were far enough back at times that
I'd no idea that it was the truck doing it all.

do. And you don't want to put on your blinkers, because those behind you will think you're pulled off on the shoulder. No good solution here. And yes, I too

Rear fog light?  Two of our MB's have them now.  (Frankenheap and the
for-sale SL.)  My SL has it about half-installed, the wire is coiled
under the back seat.

-- Jim

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