Bob said "One of my  most
satisfying driving experiences".

Amen, Bob great story. Sometimes these things happen what goes around sometimes comes around. Great story thanks.

Regards Tom Scordato
Bellefonte PA
77 300D
79 240D

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Tom shared:

"I do pull over into the breakdown lane and let people pass
when entering a highway  on ramp though just as an act of kindness.  Other
than that they can wait the 2 to 5 extra seconds.  It does not hurt that
much compared to the real problems in the world,"

We all know how much more smokey the exhaust looks at night when some
impatient clown is right up in your trunk...
The other night I was going along at the speed limit on a strech of single
lane road along which there are three stop signs and a fair amount of
traffic. This bozo was right on my rear the enite time swerving around like
he's trying to dodge the exhaust. When the single lane turned into two, he
flew around me like I was nailed to the pavement. About a mile down the
road, he was pulled over by Lohn Law. As I drove by, the cop, whom I know,
waved at me and the dork in the Neon, whom I don't know, waved at me
although not in the same way and using only one finger. One of my  most
satisifing driving experiences.

Bob Rentfro
'77 300D 146K
Litchfield Park, AZ

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